1. Books Freely available programming books:
  2. Awesome Analytics: A curated list of analytics frameworks, software and other tools
  3. Free for dev: A list of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to devops and infradev
  4. Node.js Best Practices: The Node.js best practices list (March 2021)
  5. Awesome Interview Questions: A curated awesome list of lists of interview questions. Feel free to contribute! 🎓
  6. Developer Roadmap: Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2021
  7. Awesome Scalability: The Patterns of Scalable, Reliable, and Performant Large-Scale Systems
  8. Awesome PHP: A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things.
  9. Awesome Machine Learning: A curated list of awesome Machine Learning frameworks, libraries and software
  10. Awesome Courses: List of awesome university courses for learning Computer Science!
  11. JavaScript Algorithms: Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings