JIRA highly increases the productivity by taking care of reporting, notifications, etc thereby helping users and teams to focus on task at hand. A good way to increase the productivity is to decrease the number of clicks or steps required to perform certain action. For example, in JIRA, one of the things that I use on a daily basis is searching through JIRA based on the strings that I remember.

We can utilize browser's search engine feature to fast track our searching process in JIRA. If you are using Chrome, go to Settings >> Search Engines >> Manage Search Engines >> Add

In the screenshot, I have set my browser to jump to JIRA search on pressing on 'j' button in the Google Chrome address bar. The keyword/shortcut text can be anything you like.


Similar to above, you can even create shortcuts for directly searching the issues or projects.

Query Search For JIRA: https://COMPANY.atlassian.net/secure/QuickSearch.jspa?searchString=%s

Query Search For Confluence: https://COMPANY.atlassian.net/wiki/dosearchsite.action?queryString=%s