I always wanted to create a personal blog, and this is one of my 2018 resolutions too. Coding is my hobby and I always love to try out new things. Below are some of the things that I always to try and have hands-on:

With all this things in my mind, I decided to build something and that's when this blog was born.

Freek Van Der Herten's blog, is an excellent example for laravel blog and is open-source too. I thought of cloning the repository and build on top of it, but that won't give me the true learning of how exactly everything works. Hands-on is truly an altogether different experience. You learn, you fail, you learn again, and you keep moving, keep improving.

One of the important lessons I have been taught in life is:

Learning is a never ending process.

Hence, I developed it from scratch. And whenever I am stuck with some problem, I would refer/check his blog. Thanks @freekmurze!